24 Hour Call Answering Service

Here for you. So you never miss a customer again.

24/7 Call Handling

At Donna 24/7, we do everything in-house to ensure quality stays at the highest level for your business.

Live Chat ​​

We offer Managed Live Chat so you can engage with your visitors and add value to their experience which results in more customers.

Appointment Booking

Our team can work with almost any online diary to book you confirmed appointments directly on the call. No more telephone tennis and missed opportunities.

Social Media Response

Our experienced team can manage your social media response in real-time. This provides your business with fast, friendly and trusted support.

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Never Miss A Call

Every call is answered swiftly and professionally, no matter how busy you are.

Save Time With Call Answering Service's

We’ll handle your calls saving you time. Enjoy the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Completely Free 7 Day Trial

We offer a completely free trial of Call Answering Service, with 100% no obligation or banking details to set up!

Save Money

Our customers make huge savings by outsourcing their calls when compared to hiring more staff.


Most frequent questions and answers

For most it will mean simply typing in a short code into the handset to turn the call divert function on. We’ve written a small article on how to divert calls that provides codes for the UK’s most popular telephony providers. Please call us

Each client is given their own telephone number which they can either divert their calls to or give out to their callers direct. Calls coming through on this unique line are recognised by Connect’s systems and operators answer and handle the call as per the client’s instructions.

By using the call divert method it means that you are always in control of when calls are coming through to us, whether that’s when you’re on your lunch, when your line is engaged or maybe when you just want some guaranteed peace and quiet to get on with your work.

Every live answer plan comes with a suite of business tools including: appointment setting, live webchat, CRM integration, and more.

Not at all! You’re free to change at any time. We work with your schedule, not vice versa.